Advanced Styling for Men

Color Combs provides advanced hair styling services for women apart from usual hair styling services. Choose from anyone of the advanced hair styling services and stand apart from the crowd.

Ironing-Short Hair Rs.600
Ironing-Mid length Hair Rs.700
Ironing-Long Hair Rs.800
Roller Setting Rs.700
Crimping Rs.700
Straightening- Short Hair Rs.3000
Straightening- Mid length Hair Rs.4000
Straightening- Long Hair Rs.6000
Rebonding- Short Hair Rs.3500
Rebonding-Mid length Hair Rs.5000
Rebonding- Long Hair Rs.6500
Straight N Shine Therapy
Straight N Shine Therapy-Short Hair Rs.4000
Straight N Shine Therapy-Mid length Hair Rs.6000
Straight N Shine Therapy-Long Hair Rs.8000
Additional Charges for tick & Long hair Rs.1000

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