Facial for Men

As per the saying “Face is the index of mind”, it is important to keep our face bright always. Color Combs facials for men can do the trick for you. Choose from anyone of our facial service and have a much more brighter face.

Clean Up
Regular Face Cleanup (30 min) Rs.300
Aroma Lightening Face Cleanup (30 min) Rs.400
Insta Whitening CleanUp (o3+) Rs.500
Insta Whitening CleanUp(o3+ With Serum) Rs.800
Under Eye Treatment - Advanced Rs.600
Cream Bleach
Face Rs.100
Neck Rs.100
Feet Rs.150
Face Rs.150
Neck Rs.150
Feet Rs.200
Half Arms Rs.250
Full Arms Rs.400
Full Body Rs.1500
Casmara Express Glow Mask
Detan - face & neck + Vitamin Vegatable Mask Rs.900
Detan - face & neck + Green Mask Rs.900
Detan - face & neck + Reaffirming Mask Rs.900
Detan - face & neck + Goji Mask Rs.1000
Detan - face & Neck + Gold Mask Rs.1100
Fruit Secrets Facial Rs.400
Herbal Secrets Facial Rs.500
Aroma Skin Lightening Facial Rs.800
Strawberry Face Spa Rs.700
Chocolate Face Spa Rs.750
Fairbloom Facial Rs.900
Glow N White Facial Rs.1200
Platinum Facial Rs.1200
Radiant Gold Facial Rs.1300
Advanced Facials
Perfect White Facial Rs.1500
916 Gold Facial Rs.1500
Skin Lightening - Advanced Facial Rs.2000
Insta Whitening Facial Rs.1800
Perfect White - Advanced Facial (Double Mask) Rs.2200
916 Karat Gold - Advanced Facial (Double Mask) Rs.2200
Diamond Facial Rs.1800
Active Charcoal Facial Rs.1200
Add On Special Masks
Vitamin Vegatable Mask (Lightens Skin) Rs.700
Green Mask (Revitalised Skin) Rs.700
Reaffirming Mask (Detox & Even Toned Skin) Rs.700
Goji Mask - (Younger & Tightier Skin) Rs.800
Gold Mask ( Glowing & Moisturized Skin) Rs.900

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